Mina Fife, LLC

Mina Fife is a new antique shop at the Echo Bridge Mall. The shop sells fine objects, art and furniture pieces which are chosen for their unique beauty. You will not find traditional, staid antiques here but rather unusual, one-of-a-kind treasures….which make great gifts for others or oneself!

Mina Fife is modeled on the notion that each buyer wants something special. He or she may not know what that is, but Mina Fife — much like a favorite older aunt or cousin — encourages the buyer to HAVE FUN and TAKE A RISK. Come visit the shop to see BOLD COLORS and DARING DESIGNS! Open Wednesday through Saturday, 10am-4:30pm.

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Wilhelmina “Mina” Fyfe Muirhead (1904 – 1999)

The real Mina Fyfe was born in Glasgow, Scotland, where she lived as the youngest of 10 children with her parents. Her father worked in the textile industry as a dyer. The family immigrated to the United States in 1920 so that her father could work within the New England textile industry.

Mina was very outgoing. She loved to entertain and was known to give excellent parties. She also had expensive tastes but was still frugal — a natural Scottish trait. She would often brag about classic clothing she had saved that had come back into style — 20, 30 or 40 years later.

I named this company “Mina Fife” because the name is beautiful AND unique.

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