Who is Mina Fife?

The real Mina Fyfe was born in Glasgow, Scotland, where she lived as the youngest of 10 children with her parents. Her father worked in the textile industry as a dyer. The family immigrated to the United States in 1920 so that her father could work within the New England textile industry.

Mina was very outgoing. She loved to entertain and was known to give excellent parties. She also had expensive tastes but was still frugal — a natural Scottish trait. She would often brag about classic clothing she had saved that had come back into style — 20, 30 or 40 years later.

I named this company “Mina Fife” because I’ve always loved her name.

Why did you pick this name for your store?

I picked the name because it was unique -- there weren't any other Mina Fives on FB at the time,nor Instagram -- and I liked it.

How is the name pronounced?

"Mina" rhymes with "china"... and "Fife" rhymes with "life."

What happened to "that Old Guy" who sold furniture in the large space next door?

That "old guy" was Eugene O'Neill. For decades, Mr. O'Neill was a fixture at the Mall at Echo Bridge! Gene closed his shop in 2016. Sadly, he has passed away since then. There is a copy of his obituary posted on the wall opposite the Mall's front door.

What's in that Old Guy's shop now?

That space is now being rented by a church called Story Heights.


Yes, really!

Do you also buy antique items from your customers?

That depends. What would you like to sell? If you are interested in selling something, please send, email or text photos to me using the contact information listed on this site. I will try my best to look at everything but cannot guarantee that I will make an offer on anything.

How are sales going here? Are you able to pay your rent?

Honestly, foot traffic in the Mall is up and down. Now is a hard time for people in the brick-and-mortar, retail business. We are managing to survive. The good news: customers are usually pleasantly surprised by our wares! Please come and help us to continue offering such cool and unique items!